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Helping Section


Helping Section

If you got problems on how to get Super Robotnik Land to work, check out the enclosed intruction book...

The most usual problem is that you havnt got winrar on your computer.
Download winrar at

After downloading it,
double click on the file and install it.
Now, double click on the Super Robotnik Land file you already downloaded(or right-click and choose open with, and find winrar in there).
You should now see a window and a folder. Left-click the folder, and drag it to your desktop.
Now exit the window. On your desktop now there should be a folder called Super Robotnik Land.
Open it. In there there should exist 4 files:
Super Robotnik Land, DoNotTouch, DoNotTouch2, dxva_sig .
Double click on the "Super Robotnik Land" file. Now the game should start loading, and then you can play the game! :)
P.S. The load time is kinda big :(